David Myatt also known as David Wulstan Myatt and previously known as Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt is the founder of The Numinous Way and is a former British Muslim and former National Socialist.

180px-Portrait of David Myatt by Richard Moult
David Myatt. before his conversion to Islam in 1998 was the first leader of the British National Socialist movement. David Myatt attracted public attention when it was discovered that a book which he had written titled A Practical Guide To Aryan Revolution which was described as a detailed guide for terrorist insurrection was claimed to have inspired David Copeland, who left bombs in areas in London which were frequented by Black, South Asian, and gay communities.Three people died and 123 were injured in the explosions as a result, many lost limbs. It is also claimed that Myatt's A Practical Guide To Aryan Revolution influenced the German National Socialist Underground.

David Myatt has done much work in translating works of ancient Greek literature, He has translated and written commentary on the Greek text of eight tractates of the Corpus Hermeticum, written several collection of poems and is currently translating and writing a commentary on the Greek text of the Gospel of John.

Personal Life Edit

David Myatt grew up in Tanzania, his father was a civil servant for the British governement, Myatt also studied the martial arts in the Far East. Myatt moved to England in 1967 to finish his schooling, and has stated that he began a degree in physics which he said he later abandoned to focus on his political activism. He is reported to live in the Midlands and has been married three times.

Beliefs and Career Edit

David Myatt is alleged to have been the founder of the occult group known as the Order Of The Nine Angles or is alleged to have taken over the group. Anton Long is an alleged pseudonym used by Myatt when writing the teachings of the group, his role is deemed essential to the whole creation and existence of the ONA. David Myatt has always denied involvement with the Order Of Nine Angles. Since 2010 Myatt has written enormously about his rejection of Islam and his extremist past citing that "What I [...] came to understand, via pathei-mathos, was the importance - the human necessity, the virtue - of love, and how love expresses or can express the numinous in the most sublime, the most human, way. Of how extremism (of whatever political or religious or ideological kind) places some abstraction, some ideation, some notion of duty to some ideation, before a personal love, before a knowing and an appreciation of the numinous.

Political Activism Edit

Myatt joined Colin Jordan's British Movement, a National Socialist group in 1968 where he would act as a bodyguard for Jordan at meetings and rallies.

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