The Johannite Church, properly known by its full name, l'Église Johannites des Chretiens Primitif (The Johannite Church of Primitive Christians), is a Gnostic Christian denomination founded by the French priest Bernard-Raymond Fabré-Palaprat in 1804. [1][2][3] The Johannite Church received its full name in 1828 after Fabré-Palaprat's claimed discovery of the Levitikon gospels.[4]

Apostolic Johannite ChurchEdit

The Apostolic Johannite Church was founded in 2000 by James Foster, claiming to be part of the Johannite church founded by Fabré-Palaprat; it now reports multiple locations in the US, Canada, Spain and Australia. Foster claimed that the Baphomet of the Knights Templar was in fact the decapitated head of John the Baptist. [5]

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