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Satanism and the Occult, both topics that have seen their share of depictions. Both positive and negative.

While Wikipedia, and other sites attempt to display some simple and populist information regarding Satanism, there is an undercurrent, and much more diverse side of Satanism and the Occult that must have exposure.

That is the goal of this project, bringing out the side of the Occult and Satanic Communities, that no one gets to truly see, and keep all of our knowledge and wisdom in one specific location.

Ranging from Satanic Leaders, and their Groups, to Satanic and Occult Rituals, beliefs, philosophies, and other items of interest, this site will contain it all and it is up to you, the Occult traveler, and Satanic trail blazer to add to this historical undertaking.

So feel free to add what you feel important, but remember, it must have legitimate backing to stay on the page, for without it, it will be removed or edited with such objective sights.

What is Satanism?

Satanism, is a large path, that contains many different views, and ideas about itself. While many may think of it in the Christian sense, it is not defined or tied to, the description that Christians give it.

Satanism, is something that contains elements of most, if not all other Occult paths, and have them modified for its own use. Some within the Satanic Community, suffer from the idea that Satanist's are in some way superior to other Occult Practitioners, when this is however a very Christianized view of itself. Many within the community do not share this philosophy - This is why we must work together to bring all of the information we can, into one space, that anyone can use - Regardless of their individual path.

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